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This month We Like To Read lift the flap books. On the Move Rescue, illustrated by Jo Byatt and Stephen Barker is Arlo’s favourite right now.

Unlike most lift the flap books, with only one large easy to lift flap per page, this book has an amazing 16 colourful, sturdy flaps to lift, perfect for little hands and minds. Arlo loves to show me all the new things he sees and tells me when he sees the ‘car’, ‘bus’, ‘Pat’s van’, and the wee girl with the ‘cone.’ He also enjoys making the sounds of the police car, ambulance and fire engine. We had to read this book about 10 times a day when we first got it, he enjoyed it so much!

This is a great board book for any toddler who enjoys interactive reading and is learning to talk.

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Who is your favourite children’s author? What is|was your toddlers favourite book?

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