Things I Like For, Arlo… Habitat Wooden Toys

I am a big fan of classic wooden toys for children. They are educational and kind to the environment but, to me, wooden toys just look a lot nicer than their plastic rivals. I’m pretty sure that the toys that I have bought for Arlo will remain part of our household for years to come.

One of my favourite places to buy wooden toys is Habitat. A place you’d associate with stylish homeware, Habitat toys are full of colour, charm and character. Arlo’s wooden London Bus is the one toy that gets played with the most in our house. Every child who comes to play is drawn to that bus. Arlo loves to remove the lid, deck and all the wee wooden people, then fill it up and push it around. A close second are his wooden skittles. He loves to hold one in each hand and hide them around the house.

126623LONDON BUS [Usually £30 Now £15]
23976NATURAL WOODEN SKITTLES [Usually £20 Now £14]126622FIRE ENGINE [Usually £30 Now £15]23977NATURAL WOODEN DOMINOS [Usually £20 Now £14]

Habitat currently have 50% off all of their toys which is pretty hard to resist. I have just ordered the wooden fire engine. If you have a child’s birthday coming up or if you just fancy spoiling your wee one, you better be quick!

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What kind of toys do you like to buy for your little ones? Are you a fan of classic wooden toys or do you prefer to buy the latest battery operated toy?

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