Taking Stock | September ’17

MAKING some time for myself to sit and write this post.

COOKING not very much to be honest. I usually leave all the cooking to Allan. I really should have a look through my cookbooks for some inspiration.

DRINKING a wee cup of tea. I forgot to take the teabag out and it tastes so good.

READING nothing new, just lots of interior magazines.

WANTING to transform our whole house now we have taken it off the market.

LOOKING forward to taking Arlo to the Transport Museum tomorrow for the first time. I think he will love it.

PLAYING mummy and daddy next week while Allan flies off to Vegas!

DECIDING what to have for dinner tonight? My mind is blank.

ENJOYING quite a few nights out with friends this month and days out on my own.

WAITING to go to the supermarket after Arlo’s nap.

LIKING lots and lots of images on Instagram.

WONDERING how Arlo will be when Allan is away. He loves his dada so much. I’m sure he’ll miss him lots.

LOVING the fact that we all got a Saturday morning lie in today. Arlo decided to sleep until almost 9am! I could get very used to that!

PONDERING what to do with my hair. Leave my bob or get my hair cropped?

CONSIDERING what to buy everyone for Christmas this year. I know I’m early but last year I waited until the week before which I don’t fancy doing again.

WATCHING The £100k House: Tricks of the trade

HOPING to get another blog post written today.

MARVELLING at the amazing colours of autumn.

NEEDING to take Roxy out for a walk and some fun.

SMELLING her! She really needs a bath. She is the biggest fan of finding a muddy puddle to lie in!

WEARING my duffel coat from last winter now the air has turned chilly.

FOLLOWING Sophie Robinson‘s blog full of lovely colour and interior decorating tricks.

NOTICING that our lovely sunny Saturday has disappeared and the rain is now on.

KNOWING that my boy will be sleeping for at least an hour so I might as well have another cuppa.

THINKING I better write a shopping list.

ADMIRING this lovely emerald green leather purse.

BUYING well just ordered the Sarah striped top. Here’s hoping it’s nice on.

GETTING myself some new bins. Now that we have 4 outdoor bins for recycling I felt that my 2 large kitchen bins weren’t quite working for us anymore. I got myself 4 of the Brabantia Sort & Go Bins which come in lovely colours, look good in the kitchen and are a perfect size for all our recycling needs.

DISLIKING the Sigur Ros concert Allan took me to on Monday night. I used to be such a fan. I have saw them 4 times now, and have every album until 2007’s Hvarf / Heim. They have changed quite a bit in 10 years!

OPENING a fresh new bunch of sunflowers.

GIGGLING at Roxy snoring away behind me, fed up waiting on me to take her out.

FEELING the sun beating in through the window onto my back. The rain must be off again.

SNACKING on a chocolate button or two as I write.

COVETING this stunning yellow coat for winter.

WISHING I could justify buying another duffel coat. Last year I got both the navy and yellow in the Boden sale. This year I see they have brought out this eye popping coral one that is just ADORABLE.

HELPING my wardrobe get some new breton tops that it so badly needs! How nice is this pattern? I couldn’t resist this colour!

HEARING Arlo sounds coming from the baby monitor. That’s my time up!

I hope you have had a good month of September. Do you like to take stock and look back on the month that has been?

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