Taking Stock | November ’17

MAKING plans to evacuate the house tomorrow with Arlo to let the painter and decorator get to work transforming the place.

COOKING lots of pasta at the moment, one of the few things my boy will eat.

DRINKING a herbal tea from my new Joules mug.

READING Ready Steady Toddler, the book the health visitor gave me about a year ago that I found the other day. Thinking it might come in handy now.

WANTING the time to be 7pm instead of 9pm.

LOOKING forward to seeing the house finally painted and decorated in time for Christmas.

PLAYING with cars and wee plastic figures most of the day!

DECIDING to go into Glasgow for some ME time and Christmas shopping on Saturday.

ENJOYING family days out this month. At the beginning of the month, we took Arlo to The Riverside Museum to see lots of vehicles, then the other week we went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery to see all the huge stuffed animals. Both of which he absolutely loved and had a great time.

WAITING on another Boden parcel. This time a dress for an upcoming night out. Who can resist 40% off? I just hope it suits.

LIKING hearing more and more words being attempted by my boy.

WONDERING how many days the painter will be here for.

LOVING cold, crispy, wintery sunshiny days.

PONDERING what to get everyone for Christmas.

CONSIDERING having an early night tonight.

WATCHING Ugly House to Lovely House. I can’t resist anything with the super talented George Clark.

HOPING getting the whole house decorated doesn’t cause too much upheaval.

MARVELLING at my now no longer baby but wee toddler boy!

NEEDING to get my eyebrows threaded. I think I’ll go on Saturday while I’m in town.

SMELLING smelly Roxy lying snoring behind me.

WEARING my cosy new pompom slippers.

FOLLOWING the lovely Nikki McWilliams on YouTube. I love watching her vlogs that give a glimpse of her work life, home life and exciting travel life.

NOTICING it is now 9.30pm and there is still hope of an early night.

KNOWING that Arlo is sleeping through the night, therefore we get a full nights sleep is the best feeling.

THINKING too much about January 10th – the day I go into get my gallbladder removed. Eek!

ADMIRING this stunning coral coloured duffel coat.

BUYING well hoping to buy soon, Ikea’s DUKTIG kitchen for Arlo’s Christmas.

GETTING myself a festive breton or two.

DISLIKING the cold, dark, wet, wintery days.

OPENING a new box of dark chocolate digestive thins, I’ve resisted for a couple of weeks.

GIGGLING at Arlo shouting ‘Mimmie’ ‘Da’ ‘DaMimmie’ all the time.

FEELING excited that the house will be transformed with paint and wallpaper very soon.

SNACKING on oatcakes and butter.

COVETING a new red leather makeup bag.

WISHING for snow to build our first snowman with Arlo.

HELPING Roxy get fit this winter by employing a dog walker to do the hard work.

HEARING that the Mr has finished watching Masterchef so it’s time for us to watch the Big Bang Theory together.

Have you had a good month? Are you getting organised for Christmas?

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