Taking Stock | July ’17

MAKING myself sit with my feet up and write this post while Arlo has his nap. I really should be tidying up!

COOKING lamb hotpot for dinner tonight.

DRINKING lots and lots of water, my skin needs it right now.

READING well re-reading The Power of Less by Leo Babauta.

WANTING too many clothes from Boden. Nothing new there!

LOOKING forward to a night out with Allan on Saturday for his birthday.

PLAYING with the contents of this months Birchbox - LOVE the ChaChatint from Benefit.

DECIDING take some photos for another blog post once I write this one.

ENJOYING every day I get to spend with my growing boy.

WAITING on another Boden delivery. Shhh…

LIKING well loving the film Hidden Figures. Me and Allan watched it on Sunday night. We both highly recommend, such a great cast and story.

WONDERING if Arlo will sleep till 8am again tomorrow morning. Here's hoping.

LOVING big cuddles and squeezes from Arlo.

PONDERING what to wear for our date night on Saturday.

CONSIDERING what life was like for me the last time I wrote a Taking Stock post. I had so much time on my hands back then.

WATCHING The Handmaids Tale on C4, shocking and captivating at the same time.

HOPING for some sunshine this weekend.

MARVELLING at the size of my baby boy! 17 months old.

NEEDING to colour my hair. My almost white parting is NOT a good look!

SMELLING dinner cooking.

WEARING my daily mum uniform of Breton stripes and jeans.

FOLLOWING new favourite Not Another Mummy Blog.

NOTICING resemblances all the time when I look at Arlo. My dad, my niece, me, Allan, my dad, again.

KNOWING how loved I am by my boy is the most precious feeling in the world.

THINKING that today was the day Allan asked me out 6 years ago!

ADMIRING the always stylish Georgina Davies on instagram – she has fab hair too.

BUYING the Lara Wrap Dress. I had to exchange for a bigger size (sob) I just hope it fits.

GETTING too many spots right now for some reason. I've more spots now at 37 than I did at 17.

DISLIKING my dress size.

OPENING a new jar of coffee.

GIGGLING at Arlo chatting away to himself before he falls asleep.

FEELING loved and needed. For the past 17 months, I have felt like the most important person on the planet, thanks to my boy.

SNACKING on too many dark chocolate digestive thins.

COVETING a new pair of Lotta clogs. Red or silver, I've yet to decide.

WISHING for sun, sea and sand. I'd love to paddle in the sea right now.

HELPING Arlo get up and down still. He's been walking since 13 months but never crawled so has trouble getting up when he falls or sits on the floor.

HEARING 'mim' , 'muum' , 'maaamah' and 'copter' at the moment. Arlo is trying his hardest to talk.

What was July like for you? Have you had a good month? 

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