Taking Stock | January 2016

Taking Stock | January 2016 | From City To Suburbs

It’s been bloody ages since I’ve taken stock! We are almost at the end of January so I thought now might be a good time. Here goes:

MAKING myself a hot chocolate when I’ve finished writing this.

COOKING myself a skinny pizza this evening – tortilla wrap pizza is SO good.

DRINKING lots and lots of water. And I wonder why I need to go to the loo every half hour.

READING… well, more like trying NOT to read too much about childbirth and pregnancy.

WANTING the trains into Glasgow NOT to be disrupted by the snowy weather tomorrow.

LOOKING forward to afternoon tea with my long lost cousin Marianne tomorrow. (that’s why I’m hoping the trains are running.)

PLAYING knock knock with baby bump at the moment. Whenever I feel baby moving I like to respond with a tummy rub or massage.

DECIDING wether to watch something lighthearted (Mr Selfridge) or more intense (Steven Avery… Innocent or Guilty?)

ENJOYING some quality time to myself before the little one arrives. Catching up with friends, going to exhibitions, visiting the hairdresser… things I may not be able to do so easily later on.

WAITING patiently on Baby McAleavy.

LIKING new Glasgow eatery Paesano Pizza. Simply the best pizza in the city.

PONDERING what to wear tomorrow – maternity jeans or a comfy dress…

WONDERING if Baby McAleavy is going to make an early appearance.

LOVING being pregnant and feeling every movement from the wee one.

CONSIDERING going for an early night.

WATCHING… just finished watching The Voice – not as good without Tom Jones.

HOPING to get a good sleep tonight – I’ve been so restless and have to get up to empty my bladder around 5 times in the night.

MARVELLING at the weeks and days flying by – I can’t believe I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

NEEDING to pack my hospital bag but need to get myself some new pjs and sleep bras first.

SMELLING toast. Allan must be making some for supper.

WEARING my star print pjs and wooly socks.

FOLLOWING new-to-me blog Street Style Sunday.

NOTICING that the car is now covered in snow.

KNOWING I need to do the dinner dishes – no they cannot wait till morning! Tsk!

THINKING a lot about becoming a mum. I could well be this time next month!

ADMIRING this stunning rucksack from Radley.

BUYING… well hopefully buying myself a new lipstick tomorrow.

GETTING excited about the year ahead and what the future is going to bring.

BOOKMARKING this carrot cake recipe and this Danish dream cake. I WILL bake this year.

DISLIKING the smell of Roxy at the moment. She has been enjoying playing in the snow today and still smells rather damp.

OPENING up a a new tin of ginger thins from Ikea – so addictive!

FEELING very big and uncomfortable right now.

SNACKING on one too many of those ginger thins.

COVETING Emma Willis‘s hair. I’ve been growing my hair for what seems like forever and am so tempted to get it all cut off into a neat little bob.

WISHING for nothing else but a healthy, happy baby.

HELPING myself to another cushion. This big belly needs some support.

HEARING tyres crunching on the snow outside.

How was January for you? Did you have a good month?

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