Taking Stock | January ‘18

MAKING space in our laundry room for a little office, just for me. The Mr works from home one day a week in our family office but his untidiness means it’s not a place I feel inspired to work in. I’m hoping now I have my own space to work, I will be able to spend some more time blogging this year.

COOKING good old mince ‘n’ tatties for dinner this evening. It has slightly less carrots than I would have liked thanks to my little helper stealing them all!

DRINKING well trying to drink more water.

READING not very much for myself at the moment. I don’t find reading very relaxing anymore. When Arlo goes to bed I prefer to watch something on the box.

WANTING spring to be here already. It’s been such a long winter. I’m looking out to more snow again today.

LOOKING forward to the weekend… I don’t need to explain that one!

PLAYING hide and seek with my boy.

DECIDING to move Arlo back to his nursery and turn his big boy room into a playroom. After weeks of him waking at 4am, I’m hoping he settles back into his wee room and sleeps a bit better.

ENJOYING this hour to myself while Arlo has his nap.

WAITING on some storage cubes arriving from Next.

LIKING that I can still get my favourite springtime tulips in January!

WONDERING how to celebrate Arlo’s 2nd birthday next month. I feel he is too young for a big party but I might get the extended family together to watch him blow out his candles.

LOVING my home. It feels like a new house now it has been decorated.

PONDERING wether to buy Arlo this ‘dolls house‘ for his birthday or this retro record player?

CONSIDERING having a bath or a shower tonight.

WATCHING Katie Ellison’s YouTube channel. I have followed Katie on instagram for quite a while and love seeing photos of her lovely home. I’ve only recently discovered her channel which is even better as she takes you on a tour of her house.

HOPING the snow clears away tomorrow so that we can get out and about.

MARVELLING at the hailstones battering off my windowsill.

NEEDING a new makeup bag. I fancy this yellow leather one from Paperthinks.

SMELLING my favourite hand cream from my hands.

WEARING my cosy duffel coat to brighten up these dark days.

FOLLOWING Gaby’s blog and instagram Life In Eight for some scandi inspired homespiration.

NOTICING that darkness is falling a little later. Goodbye winter!

KNOWING that soon I will be having a conversation with my boy. We are hearing new words each day.

THINKING too much about home improvements after watching Kirsty and Phill’s Love it or List it.

ADMIRING these simple but stunning yellow leather flats.

BUYING myself some new stripes for January.

GETTING well, have just ordered this cool Lego Head to store Arlo’s collection of tiny cars.

DISLIKING that we are back to sleepless nights again.

OPENING the door to the delivery girl who’s face I know too well.

GIGGLING at Arlo trying to hide!

FEELING pretty anxious at the thought of surgery again. I was booked in to have my gallbladder removed on the 10th of this month but it was cancelled after my new year flu.

SNACKING on too much chocolate.

COVETING this lovely open bookcase for the living room.

WISHING I could run. After starting Couch to 5k last year and injuring myself twice, I have not exercised for such a long time and have gained weight over the past few months. I am planning to try again when the weather improves.

HELPING or not really helping myself by what I have been eating the past few years. I’m good all day until Arlo goes to bed then I can’t resist chocolate. Any bedtime snack suggestions that are more healthy?

HEARING Adem’s Love and Other Planets playing upstairs – Arlo’s music of choice to fall asleep to.

I hope you have had a good start to the new year. I can’t believe we are one month in already. What have you been up to in January?

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One thought on “Taking Stock | January ‘18

  1. The makeup bag is so pretty. Yes to the coat! Yellow shoes so cute. Bookcase is super cool. I say yes to the record player. I think music is one of the greatest things to introduce kids to, besides reading of course! It’s been cold here and I too am looking forward to spring. I hear winter is going to last 6 weeks longer! I hate myself for saying this, but I miss the warm weather. I am finding I am so cold all the time. January—I’ve been spring cleaning early! I actually do it throughout the year, but I’ve been going extra hard at it. Donating and really thinking about what I bring into the house. One of my cats got hurt and after spending $1,800 her leg is all mended and she is happily napping wherever she can find a ray of sunshine! I’m currently planning my garden. (i have to move it to a new area). I wish you well on your surgery. Take care and happy Monday! Koko

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