Taking Stock | August ’17

MAKING myself a wee cup of tea and sitting with my feet up now I’ve got Arlo off to bed.

COOKING well it’s not exactly ‘cooking’ but making myself some toast and honey for supper.

DRINKING a big pint of water before I enjoy my tea. Singing ‘Mama loves Arlo’ on repeat is thirsty work!

READING Orla Kiely’s Home book for some interior inspiration.

WANTING the bar of galaxy that I know is in the fridge.

LOOKING forward to the weekend. It’s been a long week.

PLAYING with cars, tractors and diggers most of the day – Arlo’s favourite.

DECIDING to take our house off the market and stay put.

ENJOYING having the afternoon off. Mum offered to look after Arlo to let me go for lunch with my friend Josie.

WAITING on Allan coming home from playing football.

LIKING too many things for my boy.

WONDERING if Arlo will be up at 6.30am again tomorrow or sleep until his usual time of 7.10am.

LOVING planning how we are going to decorate the house now we’ve decided to stay.

PONDERING what colour to paint the livingroom.

CONSIDERING going for a soak in the tub or continue…

WATCHING The Leftovers. I watched the first season ages ago and thought it was discontinued until I discovered two more seasons a few weeks ago. I now have one more episode left to watch.

HOPING the sun shines tomorrow and we can get out and about.

MARVELLING how much Arlo has grown. He is now wearing his big boy sleepsuits that were enormous on him only a couple of months ago.

NEEDING to dye my hair, my parting is now looking a bit on the grey side.

SMELLING not very much through my blocked up nose.

WEARING my pjs and dressing gown.

FOLLOWING lots of lovely new instagrammers who are taking part in #myhouseinaugust.

NOTICING that Allan must be home now Roxy is suddenly running around like a crazy dog.

KNOWING that I need to go and feed Roxy when I finish this.

THINKING a lot about my Dad. It was his anniversary this month. He would have loved Arlo so much.

ADMIRING these spotty Chelsea boots for Autumn.

BUYING a new pair of Lottas.

GETTING some new artwork for the house.

DISLIKING seeing Arlo fall and hurt himself. I know it’s inevitable with a toddler but it’s still hard to watch.

OPENING some new plates to hang on the wall.

GIGGLING and loving Arlo’s big, wet, sleepy kisses.

FEELING pretty tired. I might just have an early night.

SNACKING far too much lately.

COVETING this geometric wallpaper for the hallway.

WISHING I could drive. Especially now I’m a mother, I hate relying on other people to take us places.

HELPING myself to something sweet.

HEARING ‘bawl’ ‘bool’ ‘ball’

How was August for you? Have you had a good month? 

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