My House In September

After having our house on the market since December, this month we have decided to stay put after all and have been making plans how we could decorate and alter the house to suit our needs as a family.

Here’s a wee peek at My House In September:



DAY 3 • WORDS & LETTERS • ‘My home will have no windows doors or floors nor bricks or mortar. My only home is in your arms and nowhere else.’

DAY 4 • ROUTINE • 2.15pm. Arlo’s nap time is my favourite time of the day when I can sit with a cuppa and RELAX.DAY 5 • LOOK DOWN I’ve just noticed that most of my feed is me looking down! I’ve just finished tidying away Arlo’s toys and can see the pattern of my favourite Habitat rug once more.DAY 6 • MONOCHROME • After searching high and low, the only monochrome thing in our house is this gift box. I also have napkins in the same cool pattern.

DAY 7 • STORAGE • It has to be Ikea for storage. I love my Expedit Bookcase that’s been with me since my single days in my first flat. It currently resides in our spare room/office. I was going to get another for Arlo’s big boy room. I thought it would make a lovely display of all his wooden toys.

DAY 8 • ALL ABOUT ME • I’m Jules. I’m 37. Wifey to Allan. Mama to 19 month old Arlo & 5 year old springer spaniel Roxy! I was a knitwear designer, now a stay-at-home mama & blogger (when I get the chance.) We have lived in our new build for 4 years. I’m a lover of Instagram and the colour yellow.

DAY 9 • PATTERN | TEXTURE • Being a knitwear designer I just love clashing pattern and texture together. I adore this geometric Marks & Spencer upholstery fabric against my patterned rug.DAY 10 • MAKE ME SMILE • These wee guys make me smile. My Pablo and Salvador salt & pepper shakers were given to me as a gift from a friend who knows my taste very well. I just love them. I don’t use them for their purpose but have them on display in my yellow cabinet, the perfect place to admire them.

DAY 11 • SOFTLY SOFTLY • You can’t get much softer than luxurious duck feather cushions. Arlo just loves to dive into these big soft beauties.

DAY 12 • TIME • This is my ME time. This is when I get a wee hour to myself to have a coffee while my boy is in his cot.

DAY 13 • BARGAIN HUNT • I love a good bargain I do. I picked up these lovely candlesticks from Lidl would you believe?img_4896.jpgDAY 14 • INSTA VS REALITY • I had to take a before and after shot for this prompt. Here is our livingroom all tidy and ready for us to put our feet up and here it is as it usually is during the daytime – a playroom for Arlo.

DAY 15 • BOOMERANG • Here’s a wee shot of Arlo’s nursery. Mr Lion loves to watch Mrs Elephant dancing.

DAY 16 • FAVOURITE CORNER • My favourite corner has to be this corner of our kitchen diner. It used to be empty space before we changed to a smaller dining table and moved it to the side making room for our petite but oh so comfy corner sofa. I think Roxy likes it too.

Day 17 • WHAT WAS I THINKING • I know exactly what I was thinking when I bought my lovely yellow lanterns to sit at either side of our patio doors. I wasn’t thinking that Arlo would enjoy picking them up and swinging them around next to our glass cabinet! That’s why they are currently residing up here. They are pretty big. Too wide for the windowsill + too tall for the dinner table. Where else could I put them?DAY 18 • WORKSPACE • This is my workspace. My wee place that I like to escape to & write a blog post or two!

DAY 19 • I’M PROUD OF THIS… • My wee Arlo who has made our house a home. I could live in any house, anywhere as long as my gorgeous boy was with me. We have our trials + temper tantrums but he makes me so proud to be his mum everyday.

DAY 20 • SPARKLE • You may guess I’m not exactly a sparkly person nor is my home. The most sparkly thing in our house is our yellow glass cabinet in the kitchen diner. I love how it catches the light day + night making it sparkle.

DAY 21 • WORK IN PROGRESS • Our whole house is work in progress. Having had it on the market since December we have stuck to plain old neutral magnolia for selling. Now that we have decided to stay, I can’t wait to make big changes. I’ve chosen paint, bought wallpaper and am just waiting on a date from the decorator (a family friend). It should all be done before Christmas!DAY 22 • BEST FRIEND • ‘The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.’ I feel very fortunate to have friends in my life that I have known for 25 years or more. We might not see each other all the time but when we do it feels like yesterday.

DAY 23 • YOU MUST TRY THIS • When we got married we bought our 4 Vitra dining chairs but for our bedroom + the rest of the house we bought look-a-likes from Blue Sun Tree. If you like mid-century style furniture are are a fan of Charles + Ray Eames ‘you must try’ this quirky online store for cool bargains.

DAY 24 • SOMETHING OLD • This paperweight is my something old. It belonged to my parents before I pinched it when I moved out. It reminds me of when I was wee. It used to sit on their 1950s sideboard along with lots of other breakables I always knew I wasn’t allowed to touch! Arlo loves it too. I wonder if he will pinch it from me.

DAY 25 • SOMETHING NEW • It’s has to be my ‘new to me’ yellow kettle + toaster. I’ve been on the lookout for these for ages after spotting in Gaby’s (@lifeineight) kitchen. I saw she had treated herself to a brand new pair so asked her what had happened to her old ones. She was selling both for 30 quid! A total bargain! They look all shiny + new too. I love them.

img_4902.jpgDAY 29 • FAVOURITE IG ACCOUNT • I have not 1 but 9 instafavourites.

These are my best nine – 9 instafeeds I tend to look at + feel inspired on a daily basis:

  1. lingztagram
  2. annettetalstad
  3. janefosterdesigns
  4. lottieknitter
  5. nikkimcwilliams
  6. hilarygrantknitwear
  7. bypiapei
  8. theracelhendersonstudio
  9. iamalisonperry

Please check them out and let me know who’s your favourite.DAY 26 • TRAVEL • ‘If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, he said.’ Rachel Wolchin.

DAY 27 • OH SO PRETTY • I’m not very into ‘pretty’ things as such. I am more a fan of striking, colourful, minimal design. I can however appreciate the lovely daylight here this afternoon making my hallway look pretty pretty!

DAY 28 • EATING OUT • I’m a BIG fan of eating out. This is an old photo of my new favourite place to eat Wilson Street Pantry in the Merchant City. Whenever I’m in Glasgow I always fancy some of their delicious offerings for a late breakfast or lunch. It really is a must if your spending a morning in Glasgow

DAY 30 • MY WEAKNESS • My weakness is anything YELLOW + flowers. A vase of colourful blooms always brighten up my home + my day

Fancy joining in and playing along this month? The name has changed to #myhousethismonth? All you have to do is follow each of the hosts on Instagram who will post a list of daily prompts for you to interpret how you wish. Let me know if you join in too.

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