My House In October

This month has passed me by so quickly, that I’m afraid My House This Month is a little later than usual.

Here is a wee snapshot of My House In October:


DAY 2 • AUTUMNAL VIBES • Definitely feeling a nip in the air and some ‘autumnal vibes’ so have dusted off my favourite chelsea boots ready for crunching through the leaves.

DAY 3 • IN THE FRAME • In these frames are prints by my favourite artists Inaluxe which hang in our living room. I thought these two were looking particularly pretty in the evening sun tonight.

DAY 4 • SOFA STYLING • This is our living room sofa. Its a mid-century design by Robin Day for Habitat. I really love a leather sofa. It never dates and is so easy to keep clean. I like to soften it by styling with lots of bright cushions.

DAY 5 • A NEW ANGLE  • I don’t really post many pictures of our bedroom for some reason. Here’s a view from ‘a new angle’ from our upper landing. I’m hoping to jazz this room up very soon with some teal paint and Ikea’s stockholm rug (I wish).

DAY 6 • TABLE TOP  • Nothing much on our tabletop but my candlesticks at the moment, rewind 2 hours and it was covered in mashed potato, carrots and peas!

DAY 7 • ORNAMENT  • My favourite ornaments right now are this ceramic vase, ‘Frances’ bird and tall giraffe, all in my favourite colour, YELLOW.

DAY 8 • SUNDAY SHELFIE  • Here’s that vintage paperweight again teamed with my favourite orange ‘ashtray’ from Habitat.

DAY 9 • FLOWERS •  I received some beautiful feel-better-soon sunflowers from my thoughtful friend today. She knows me well.

DAY 10 • COLOUR OR NOT?  Colour colour colour!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! I love colour though you wouldn’t think it looking at my magnolia house! You’ll all be fed up listening to me about decorating… it’s happening very soon… though not soon enough for my liking!

DAY 11 • COSY UP  •That’s exactly what we’ve been doing the past few days since we’ve been floored with this chest infection. Hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.

DAY 12 • COFFEE / TEA BREAK Arlo is up in his cot and I’m getting comfy on the sofa enjoying a wee cup of coffee and having a nosy at the latest edition of Red magazine.

DAY 13 • ON THE WALL • … are my bargainous Royal Doulton plates that I snapped up in their outlet shop. These hang in the kitchen above our dining table.

DAY 15 • WARDROBE  • A wee peek into my wardrobe… some blue stripes, some red stripes, some yellow stripes, some green stripes, some floral stripes, some glitter stripes…

DAY 14 • JUST HAD TO BUY IT!  • Nothing terribly exciting this month, just a new soap dispenser from Habitat and some new bins from Brabantia. I’ve replaced our 2 huge red bins with these handy ‘sort and go’ bins. I have 4 in total which correspond with our outdoor wheelie bins – 1 for everyday waste, 1 for paper + card, 1 for glass + plastics, 1 for food + garden waste. How many bins do you have in your kitchen?

DAY 16 • SENTIMENTAL  • This wee Eskimo belonged to my gran. She brought him back from a trip to Canada years ago. Gran loved nice things and had lots of lovely ornaments and vases around her home, but this wee guy was always my favourite as a child. When she died when I was 18, I adopted him. He’s a lovely wee reminded of a very special lady.

DAY 17 • GLASS  • This is the inside of our yellow glass cabinet in our kitchen diner. Its our ‘grown up’ storage filled with all our glasses, bottles of whiskey and gin – no toys allowed in here.

DAY 18 • SLEEP  • This is our master bedroom at the top of the house. This is where we sleep. Or should I say used to sleep peacefully up until 20 months ago, pre-Arlo! Hoping for a better nights sleep this evening.

DAY 19 • KITCHEN ITEM  • My favourite item in our kitchen is the Orla Kiely radio, which was a wedding gift. I always like to play music in the background. I also love the smell of basil so like to have some growing in the kitchen.

DAY 20 • MOST LIKED POST  • This photo of our kitchen diner got the most likes from you all. It really is a great space and is the room that we use most often. I’m so glad we replaced our round dining table with a smaller one so we could squeeze in the corner sofa.

DAY 22 • ENTRANCE  • This is our view from the front door. The hallway is still waiting on it’s geo wallpaper and the carpet is wearing thin but my stunning runner from Pappelina brings some fun to an otherwise boring magnolia entrance.

DAY 23 • SIT DOWN  • This is my favourite place to sit down. My Hugo chair from M&S sits outside our bedroom on the upper landing, the perfect place for some peace + quiet.

DAY 21 • FAVOURITE CUSHION  • It’s has to be my cosy Donna Wilson cushion. Perfect for wintery snuggles.

DAY 24 • CANDLELIGHT  • I love candles but never light them anymore – they aren’t very toddler friendly. I have so many candlesticks and tea light holders with brand new white candles in each. Tonight I rooted around and found some matches specially for this photo.

DAY 25 • FLOOR  • It has to be my lovely TASH rug from Habitat which covers our unsightly cream carpet. It brings some colour and fun to our magnolia livingroom, such a great investment.

DAY 26 • WORDS IN DECOR  • Searching high and low for some ‘words in decor’ today but all I can find is my favourite Rob Ryan vase. ‘Please smell us’ was a gift from my sister when I moved into my first flat. She knows my taste so well.

DAY 27 • WASH  • This is our humble bathroom where we wash our hands. I’m chuffed with my new Poli soap dispenser from Habitat (Even more so when I notice it is now £12! I snapped it up for £3.60 in the sale so bought 4!!)

DAY 28 • DIY • I haven’t done anything crafty for an absolute age. The last thing I made were these cushion covers using my favourite Scion fabric.

DAY 29 • SIDE TABLE  • Now that we have a toddler, we decided to replace our glass coffee table with the colourful KILO sides tables from Habitat. They are really handy when anyone comes to visit.

DAY 30 • KEEPS ME WARM • I always have cold feet unless I wear slippers around the house. My lovely new pom pom pair definitely keep my tootsies toastie.

DAY 31 • SPOOKY • There ain’t very many ‘spooky’ things around here but I’m currently filling up bags with ‘spooky’ sweeties for all our trick or treaters later on. Happy Halloween.

Fancy joining in and playing #myhousethismonth?? All you have to do is follow each of the hosts on Instagram who will post a list of daily prompts for you to interpret how you wish. Let me know if you join in too.

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