My House In November

Here is a little peek at My House This MonthDAY 1 • SHARE THIS LIST! img_6963-2.jpgDAY 2 • COLOUR CRUSH • I am a BIG fan of the colour YELLOW as you may notice! I also love pattern + love to clash bright colours + patterns together in my home.

DAY 3 • MIRROR MIRROR • This is my dressing table mirror in our bedroom. As you can see fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas.

DAY 4 • MY LITTLE HAVEN • My favourite place is my little patterned chair which sits on the upper landing outside our bedroom. Is the most peaceful spot in our house, the perfect place to sit with a cuppa.

DAY 5 • GLOW | SPARKLE • I’m really not a sparkly person so the most sparkly thing in our house is the yellow cabinet that houses all our glasses. It catches all the light from the patio doors so glows + sparkles all the time.


DAY 6 • METALLIC MONDAY • I don’t have many metallic things in our house apart from my wee collection of ALESSI favourites.

DAY 7 • READING • The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking at the moment.

DAY 8 • STARTS WITH B • The first thing I think of is my beloved bed. What I would do to crawl back here right now!

DAY 9 • SCENT • One of my favourite scents is my Marni perfume. Not an ‘everyday’ scent but perfect for a night out.

img_6965-1.jpgDAY 10 • GREAT FIND • One of my best finds were these wee yellow side tables that I found online from Tesco. We use as bedside tables in our master bedroom at the moment which add a lovely pop of colour to the room.

DAY 11 • SPECIAL MEMORY • Playing catch-up from yesterday… My special memory is walking arm in arm out of the City Halls in Glasgow as Mr + Mrs.

DAY 12 • WHERE WE EAT • This is our dining table from MADE where we eat. We used to have a glass circular table but soon swapped for this more practical one when Arlo arrived!

DAY 13 • LAMP • We have two of these wooden tripod floor lamps in our livingroom which give the room a nice glow. They are very similar to the Habitat ones but were a total bargain from Tesco at half the price.

img_6966-1.jpgDAY 14 • FLAT LAY | FROM ABOVE • This is the view of our dining table after I’ve wiped all the rice, sweetcorn, peas + jelly away!

DAY 15 • BOOGIE NIGHTS • These are my all time favourite shoes to wear on a night out. It’s fancy flats all the way for me, I can’t walk in heels! Perfect for boogie nights, though I don’t have them very often.

DAY 16 • LIVINGROOM • Loving our new livingroom floor so much. The room feels so much bigger than before. I’ve just spoken to the painter + decorator who promises to fit us in before Christmas – I can’t wait to get some colour on these walls!

DAY 17 • WOOD • For this prompt it has to be my beloved Sanna Annukka Soul Bird + candlesticks, a beautiful gift from my sister when I moved into my first flat.

img_6967-1.jpgDAY 18 • ANIMAL • Saturday morning cuddles with the best ‘animal’ in the whole wide world, my girl Roxy.

DAY 19 • DUVET DAY • I was a very luck mamma this morning… I was curled up in my duvet undisturbed until half past 10! I so enjoyed my Sunday morning lie in.

DAY 20 • MONOCHROME • I wish I could say these were our bathroom tiles but alas they belong to Hotel Chocolat. I’m still toying with the idea of these or a green rubber floor for our bathroom. What do you think?

DAY 21 • WINTER WARMER • It’s a dreich evening outside + I’m cosying up inside with my 3 winter warmers – my favourite blanket scarf, pompom slippers + a wee cup of tea while watching Masterchef.

img_6968-3.jpgDAY 22 • CUSHIONS • Comfort is key so you can never have too many cushions in my book!

DAY 23 • WINDOW DRESSING • I like to use my windowsills to display all my breakables! All my favourite vases + ornaments are up nice + high, out of reach.

DAY 24 • SHOPPING LIST • That’s my weekly shop done + dusted. Thankfully I managed to get everything from my shopping list today.

DAY 25 • BOTANICAL • I’m not very good at keeping plants alive so I’ve got a bit of a thing for easy to care for succulents. This one has lasted a record breaking 6 whole months!

img_6969-1.jpgDAY 26 • THROUGH THE DOOR • Here is our bedroom ‘through the door.’ I’ve just freshened our bed and changed the covers which I usually do on a Sunday. How often do you change yours?

DAY 27 • GALLERY WALL • For Arlo’s 1st birthday I created this gallery wall of 12 framed photos for each month of his life. The plan was to continue to add one new photo each month, but that hasn’t happened. He’s now 21 months and we still have only 12 frames. I’m planning on framing another 12 for his 2nd birthday in February though. Wish me luck.

DAY 28 • CROCKERY | CUTLERY • This is what’s left of my favourite dinner set. It’s a cheap one from Tesco a few years ago but I love the colourful, contrasting plates. Unfortunately these are the only two plates that aren’t chipped to bits.

DAY 29 • CHRISTMAS PLANS • My plan is to have the house finally decorated in time for Christmas. The painter and decorator is coming tomorrow so I’m having to empty my yellow cabinet, take down all my frames and declutter. I’m going to be a bit later with my decorations this year.


DAY 30 • AND RELAX • I’m glad to be sitting with my feet up after a long day. Me and Arlo were staying out of the house today to let the painter and decorator get to work. Our livingroom is now ‘Wintery Tide’ blue, which the Mr dislikes and Arlo’s new room is now a dark ‘Bugle blue’ colour. I can’t wait to see both tomorrow in the daylight.

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