My House In March

Here is a little tour of My House This Month


DAY 2 • SPRING FLOWERS • Alas I have no spring flowers in my house at the moment but… how stunning is this springtime wreath from The Big Door Wreath Company? I totally want one of these to cheer me up and make me forget about the snow!

DAY 3 • WORD ART • I’m not really into ‘word art’ and haven’t really got any quotes or anything around the house. I have got Mr Tiger and Mr Lion in Arlo’s playroom though. That’s about as arty as I get with words!

DAY 4 • MY HAVEN • This was ‘my haven’ yesterday. Arlo was spending the day with his cousins so everything was back in its rightful place. The livingroom was lovely and peaceful for a change so I had a blissful afternoon cooried up on the couch with Netflix.

DAY 5 • NATURE INSPIRED • Our downstairs WC is inspired by nature – TREES. I’ve been bold enough to wallpaper every wall in here where I would usually just paper one or two walls. This Miss Print wallpaper is one of my favourite prints. I think it works really well in here. I get a wee burst of joy every time I open the door to go to the loo!

DAY 6 • OLD & NEW • There is a mix of old and new books on the shelves in Arlo’s playroom. Before he was born I already had a bit of a collection of kids books for my little niece Anna. These MOSSLANDA picture ledges from Ikea are great to displaying them.

DAY 7 • LAMPThese are the bedside lamps we have in our guest bedroom. House by John Lewis have lovely things.

DAY 8 • ON THE FLOOR • Here’s what my livingroom rug looks like in the daytime. On the floor are cars cars cars.

DAY 9 • SIDE TABLE • We have this little nest of tables in the livingroom which add some colour & are handy when anyone comes to visit. These vases don’t live here very often as the tables are usually covered in little plastic animals and figures!

DAY 11 • SPECIAL PERSON • Happy Mother’s Day to the best wee mammie in the whole wide world… Mum is the strongest person I know. She brought us up to be kind, open minded, independent women. I am proud to have her as my teacher through life and so grateful she is here with us and her grandchildren.

DAY 10 • WHERE WE CHILL • Most of our downtime is spent here in the livingroom. When Arlo is tucked up in bed me and Allan like to snuggle up on the couch together and chill out.

DAY 12 • FAVOURITE COLOUR • My favourite colour is in fact ORANGE, with YELLOW a close second. I use it more sparingly in the house as my other half isn’t the biggest fan.

DAY 13 • NICE DRAWERS • Can drawers ever be pretty? These ones are from good old Ikea. They are pretty basic but do the job. Being not too expensive I don’t mind that they are covered in child locks!

DAY 14 • LINES & STRIPES • I don’t really have many stripes around my house apart from the stripes in my wardrobe. I thought the spindles of my staircase are like stripes breaking up the pattern of the wallpaper.

DAY 15 • ON THE SHELF • At the top of my new shelving unit in the livingroom is my beloved Dala Horse collection. I am so fond of these little horses. They remind me of my lovely friend Ebba and our trip to her homeland Sweden, a place I’d love to return to.

DAY 16 • LOUNGING • This is the best couch for lounging on. We have two 2 seater couches in the livingroom so I love this L-shaped sofa in our kitchen diner for stretching out with my feet up and a cuppa.

DAY 17 • BARGAIN FIND • My latest find were my new metal bird ornaments. I found them yesterday in Debenhams. £13 for the pair was a bit of a bargain. As usual I fell in love with them without a thought for where I’m going to put them! Any suggestions?

DAY 18 • IN THE KITCHEN • This is a view of our kitchen diner. The kitchen units themselves are not to my taste but I love being able to cook, eat and lounge in the space. It’s such a great size.

DAY 19 • BEGINS WITH ‘P’ • Pouffe begins with ‘P’, of which I have a few. The wicker one is from Ikea and the knitted one is from Homescapes. Both have been well used!

DAY 20 • LOOK UP • Looking up on top of our yellow cabinet is my small collection of Alessi favourites

DAY 21 • MAGAZINES • Here’s a couple of my favourite interiors magazines that I like to read while I have a wee cup of tea.

DAY 22 • PASTELS VS BRIGHTS • No pastels here, it’s brights all the way in this house!

DAY 23 • MY ONE WEAKNESS • My one weakness has to be cushions. I love how just a couple of new cushions can totally transform a space. My favourites are these two from Donna Wilson.

DAY 24 • ON THE WALL • On the wall in Arlo’s playroom are Mr Lion & Mr Tiger along with a selection of his favourite books.

DAY 25 • BED LINEN • This is the bed linen in our guest bedroom. This room was painted before Christmas like the rest of the house but I don’t feel that is room is complete yet. The ‘wintery tide’ blue wall matches the rhododendron print perfectly but I think the room is in need of some artwork on the walls and a few finishing touches.

DAY 26 • IN THE MIRROR • This is a view of our en suite ‘in the mirror.’ We have one large feature wall with my beloved cow parsley wallpaper and have kept the rest pretty neutral with white and grey. My yellow lanterns are quite at home up here instead of their old home in the kitchen where Arlo would swing them around!

DAY 27 • DINING • This is the ‘dining nook’ that we have made in our kitchen | dining | living space. We have sacrificed a large dining table for this smaller one from MADE to allow for a corner sofa in this room. This wee table is the perfect size for our family of 3.

DAY 28 • BOTANICAL • It may not be very springlike outside, but it certainly is inside thanks to this lovely big bunch of ‘get well’ daffodils from my sister. They are such a lovely pale lemon colour unlike the usual bright yellow daffodils and are quite at home in another gift from my sister, my favourite ‘Please smell us vase.

DAY 29 • CHAIR • It has to be my favourite wee chair which sits outside our bedroom on our upper landing, the sunniest spot in the house. It’s the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and get some peace and quiet.

DAY 30 • GLASSWARE • Our yellow glass cabinet in our kitchen diner is where we store all our glassware. It’s one of my favourite things in our house as it’s so bright, fun and handy too.

DAY 31 • SOFTLY SOFTLY • It’s a dull rainy afternoon and my boy is having a nap so I’m cuddled up on the couch with a wee cup of tea and my favourite big soft cushion. Hope your having a more exciting Saturday than me.

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