My House In January

Here’s a little peek into My House This MonthDAY 1 • SHARE THIS LIST!DAY 2 • NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS • My one goal or ‘resolution’ this year is to look + feel like this again. This photo was taken at my cousin’s wedding when I was a confident 26 year old + a healthy size 12. I still have this beautiful dress from Reiss + I have vowed that one day I will wear it again. I am determined that next new year I will be comparing my size 16 photos with my new size 12 ones. My gallbladder removal surgery was booked for the 10th of this month, but has been postponed. After surgery, I’m hoping I’m back on my feet pretty quickly so that I can start couch to 5k in again. I will shed this fat suit.

DAY 3 • NEW HOME ITEM • I haven’t really bought too much for the house the past few weeks apart from these mugs from Joules that I got in the sale.

DAY 4 • HAD IT FOR AGES • I feel as though I’ve had my yellow kettle + toaster for ages. They look as though they have always been there + are perfect in my kitchen. These two beauts are definitely one of my best purchases from last year. Thanks again Gaby.

DAY 5 • LIVING SPACE • This is our freshly decorated living space. This room is Arlo’s playroom during the day + our livingroom in the evening!DAY 6 • COLOUR ACCENT • I have something YELLOW in every room in the house. It is the perfect ‘colour accent’ + goes with most other colours. I especially love the contrast of my yellow tables against to teal wall in our bedroom.

DAY 7 • HYGGE • I’m enjoying a moment of ‘cosy contentment’ or ‘hygge’ right now. Arlo is away for his nap + I’m looking out to a beautiful bright January afternoon with my feet up enjoying a nice cup of coffee + a ginger biscuit or two!

DAY 8 • FLOORING • I’m so happy that we made the switch from our old cream carpets to new Karndean vinyl floor tiles in our livingroom + hallway. The space feels so much bigger + is much easier to keep clean.

DAY 9 • COFFEE | TEA BREAK • I’m choosing tea this afternoon instead of my usual coffee fix. I’ve suffered from frequent migraines for years so I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine intake this month to see if it makes a difference. Any other suggestions to try + reduce attacks would be most welcome. DAY 10 • WALL DECOR • Since decorating before Christmas I’ve not had the chance to rehang any of my artwork but I have put back my plates that hang above the dining table. We have a large kitchen, dining + living space + the plates help to zone off my wee dining nook.

DAY 11 • MOST USED ROOM • The room we use the most in our house has to be our kitchen, dining, living space. This used to be a spacious kitchen diner with a round glass table in the centre which we hardly used. Since changing to a smaller rectangular table + adding the corner sofa it has become a much more sociable space.

DAY 12 • STARTS WITH M • Here are two that start with M – Mirror + Monochrome! My downstairs WC is one of my favourite rooms of the house. I feel a wee burst of happiness each time I go to the loo!

DAY 13 • VINTAGE • My favourite ‘vintage’ find is my beloved little Nils Olsson Dala Horse that I picked up in a charity shop when I was a teenager. These wee beauties come in many different sizes. I managed to source a slightly larger one on eBay but I would love a few more to add to my collection. Does anyone have one to sell?? DAY 14 • SUNDAY SHELFIE • Here is a wee closeup shelfie of our drinks cabinet. DAY 15 • GOING GREEN • We really don’t have many green things in our house apart from some touches here + there in Arlo’s big boy room. One of my favourites is his new Ingela P Arrhenius Tiger Poster which looks lovely against the dark walls.

DAY 16 • FIREPLACE • We don’t have a fireplace in our new build, each room was just a big empty box. Eventually I’d love to create something like this in our livingroom + create an artificial chimney breast with built in shelving but not sure what type of fire we could have. Any suggestions?

DAY 17 • ART • I’ve still got absolutely no art on my walls since decorating before Christmas but have in Arlo’s big boy room. Here’s another view of his favourite Ingela P Arrhenius Lion Poster.

DAY 18 • OUTSIDE • Our garden is currently covered in snow so here is a wee snap of what it looked like in the summer. We replaced our old water logged lawn with some artificial grass from Easigrass which I highly recommend. It never gets muddy + can be used most of the year, except right now! Eventually I’d like to lay some decking along the back where we get most of the sun but it’s not our number one priority. Next on our list is a garage conversion | playroom. DAY 19 • TABLE • Here’s another view of our dining nook. Our table is from MADE + we have four Vitra chairs to add some colour.

DAY 20 • BATHROOM • Here’s a wee peek at our freshly decorated en suite. Our shower room is now much prettier to share than our bathroom. I’d love to turn this room into a wet room instead of the walk in shower but the Mr isn’t too keen + thinks wet rooms are for pensioners. What do you think? Are you like me + think a wet room could be cool?

DAY 21 • COLLECTION • This is my collection of white ceramics. I love the look of porcelain grouped together against a coloured or patterned backdrop. I’d love a few more Jonathan Adler animal figures to add to my collection.

DAY 22 • HINT OF SPRING • Nothing says spring more to me more than a big bunch of glorious tulips, my favourite flower. I am always so surprised to see them in the supermarket in January. DAY 23 • BASKET • These are my favourite yellow ‘basket’ fruit bowls from good old M&S. They caught my eye straight away & have had so many compliments.

DAY 24 • KITCHEN DINING • This is our kitchen diner. It’s such a lovely sunshiny room that gets loads of light all day. I love the space we have with the dining table + living area but I’m not a fan of the kitchen itself. These kitchen units were here when we bought the house so I’m dreaming of replacing it in the next few years.

DAY 25 • BEDROOM • This is our master bedroom after decorating + one from before. I’ve painted one wall a lovely teal colour which feels so luxurious for some reason.

DAY 27 • MONOCHROME • Here’s another view of our newly decorated monochrome WC. I’ve wanted this Little Trees wallpaper from Miss Print for such a long time + am delighted with the results. DAY 26 • PAINT • Here’s a wee example of how a tin of paint can transform a room. This is our bedroom after + before. The teal paint makes the room feel so much warmer than the cold magnolia. DAY 28 • SEATING • The L-shaped sofa in our kitchen diner is our ‘most used’ seating. This was such a good buy from M&S. It has really turned this dining space into a proper living space with views out onto the garden.

DAY 29 • FLOWERS • Some sunshiny yellow tulips bring a touch of springtime to our home office. Pretty chuffed to find my favourite tulips in January.

DAY 30 • TIME • ‘The trouble is, you think you have time’ – Buddha.

DAY 31 • ENTRANCE • This is the view that makes me smile every time I walk through the front door.

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