My House In February

Here’s a little peek inside My House This Month


DAY 2 • FAVE CORNER • This little corner in our kitchen diner is my favourite corner right now. It’s facing our patio doors, looking out onto the garden. At the moment I’m sitting here with a cup of tea looking out to Arlo sleeping in his buggy.

DAY 3 • MANTLE | SHELF • Unfortunately I don’t have a fireplace so there is no mantle in here and I’ve no shelves on my walls either so here’s a wee pic of my windowsill in the kitchen.

DAY 4 • LOUNGE • It’s a lovely sunshiny Sunday so our lounge is looking nice and bright today. This room is Arlo’s playroom most of the day but I always like to tidy away all the toys at the end of the night so that we can relax here in the evening.

DAY 5 • METALLIC MONDAY • I don’t really have very many metallics in my house apart from my small collection of Alessi favourites.

DAY 6 • LOOK DOWN • This is my view looking down on our entrance from our staircase. I’ll need to get myself some flowers for my empty vases!

DAY 7 • BARGAIN BUY • My two tripod floor lamps in our livingroom are definitely my favourite bargain buy. We bought them about 6 years ago when we first moved in together. They were £29.99 each from Tesco when Habitat were selling similar ones for 100 quid! I wish I could get another.

DAY 8 • WORDS • I don’t really have many words around the house except in Arlo’s nursery and playroom. One of the first things I bought for this room was his  elephant mobile with the words ‘Dream big little one. Tomorrow you will move mountains.’ I had bought one of these mobiles for all of my friends babies so had to get one for Arlo too. And as you know, I absolutely love Ingela P Arrhenius animal posters. Mr LION is the favourite in our house.

DAY 9 • LIGHT IT UP • It has been such a beautiful winters day today and I’m loving how the sunshine is lighting up our kitchen diner this afternoon.

DAY 9 • LIGHT IT UP • I love lighting up Arlo’s little A light at night before he goes to bed. It gives the room the perfect nighttime glow.

DAY 10 • TV DISPLAY • Can a TV display ever be pretty?  I’d love to make this area more interesting. I’m thinking about creating a gallery wall of artwork to disguising the tv.

DAY 11 • WINDOW • My favourite window in our house is outside our bedroom on the upper landing. It lets in so much light brightening up the staircase and floor below. Being in the roof it also has the best views.

DAY 12 • DESK | WORKSPACE • This is our office space. It’s one of the rooms yet to be decorated. I also need some prints for the walls to jazz it up a bit.

DAY 13 • HANDMADE • These scarves are all knitted and handmade by me. Before I had Arlo I was a knitwear designer and sold my wares in independent boutiques and craft fairs. My knitting studio is now a playroom! I really miss creating something from nothing and hope to start making again very soon.

DAY 14 • LOVE • My boys. My loves.

DAY 15 • STORAGE SOLUTION • I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t seem to relax at the end of the night surrounded by toys. These STUVA Storage Benches from Ikea transform this room from a playroom back to a livingroom. They are such a great size and fit all of Arlo’s toys so I can tidy them all away out of sight at the end of the night

DAY 16 • CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT • Apart from the obvious, Arlo, Allan and my family, I can’t live without my bed. I am not a morning person, even now I have a toddler! I could happily lie in every morning but that is never going to happen again! Well maybe when Arlo is a teenager when I’m kicking him out of bed, not the other way about!

DAY 17 • BEDSIDE TABLE • My yellow bedside tables were such a great purchase. I was delighted to pick them up from Tesco for £19 each! I also love my little wooden Soul Bird that watches over us as we sleep.

DAY 18 • ANIMAL • Feeling sad to say that Roxy isn’t with us anymore. Since Arlo was born, unfortunately Roxy became a bit neglected. Her usual walk 4 times a day was cut to once a day and the fun & games weren’t as much as they once were. She really is the loveliest wee dog and I’ve felt for a while she needs a family with older kids that will play with her and really give her the childhood she deserves. Allan’s friend has 2 boys, 8 & 5, and they were looking for a dog to add to the family so Roxy went to stay with them for a weekend and never came back. I miss her so much but she is having the best time with the boys, playing ball all day and going hillwalking. It really feels like a part of our family is missing but I know it was the best thing to do for her.

DAY 19 • COLOUR… YES OR NO • Oh aye I’m not really a fan of colour in my house… honest!!

DAY 20 • SOFA SO GOOD • These Robin Day designed sofas were one of our first big purchases when we moved in together. Designed in the sixties and one of a series of re-editions for Habitat, they are now only available second hand. I would love a couple of the armchairs and matching coffee table too but will have to source on eBay now.

DAY 21 • TRAY • This mini tray is from Ikea. It goes so well with a wee cup of tea and a choccy biscuit or two!

DAY 22 • OUTSIDE IN • Here’s a view of our bedroom which is ‘outside’ from the ‘inside’ of our en suite.

DAY 23 • FAVOURITE MUG • Just one? I have a bit of a thing for collecting mugs. Some are just too damn cute to resist don’t you think! I have a new favourite each month!

DAY 24 • SPRING CLEAN • I haven’t done any housework today at all. I had to focus all my energy on my birthday boy!! But I promise I will have a spring clean on Monday, starting with my mirror and staircase (groan).

DAY 25 • PATTERN & TEXTURE • You must know by now how much I love pattern and colour. Being a knitwear designer I loved creating texture and pattern and loved to be surrounded by cones of colourful yarn. I miss that so I like to make up for that in my home. My favourites are my yellow rug and my Hugo chair which make the perfect pair.

DAY 26 • BEGINS WITH C • ‘C’ is for CHANGE. There have been major changes in our house over the past few months. After taking our house off the market I have been gradually putting my own stamp on each room. One of the biggest changes is my office | knitting studio which is now Arlo’s playroom.

DAY 27 • TABLE SETTING • I rarely set our table these days so thought I would show the ‘setting’ of our table instead or where it is situated in our kitchen diner.

DAY 28 • SNUGGLE UP • It’s thick with snow outside so we’ve been snuggled up in the playroom most of the day today. I’m so glad we decided to put the couch in here. It’s so comfy and big enough for the 3 of us.

February is such a short month don’t you think? Fancy joining in and playing #myhousethismonth? All you have to do is follow each of the hosts on Instagram who will post a list of daily prompts for you to interpret how you wish. Let me know if you join in too.

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