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Happy new year everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

My first post of the year is a little snapshot of My House In December. I’m absolutely delighted to say that my house is now looking very different from the month before. Why don’t you take a peek and let me know what you think of the changes I have made.img_8518-2.jpgDAY 1 • SHARE THIS LIST!DAY 2 • FAVE ROOM • The livingroom is my favourite room at the moment. Gone are the magnolia walls and cream carpet at last. I’ve gone for the shade ‘Wintery Tide’ which is a mid-century Blue, the same shade as my Vitra dining chairs.

DAY 3 • SUNDAY SHELFIE • We don’t really have any shelves in our house except for my Ikea expedit bookcase that houses a few of my favourite objects and books.

DAY 4 • FAIRY LIGHTS • I don’t have any decorations or my Christmas tree up yet because the painter is still here but I do have some fairy lights in my bedroom.

DAY 5 • GREEN • My most used something green are my Orla Kiely apple coffee jars that contain all my bathroom essentials.img_8520.jpgDAY 6 • REFLECTION • I am absolutely loving the reflection of my new wallpaper in the hallway. I am so pleased with how the house is transforming in front of my eyes.

DAY 7 • VASE • I’m thinking my two cheapo vases are looking a tad more expensive against their new patterned backdrop. What do you think? The larger of the two found itself in my trolley while doing my weekly shop in Tesco and the wee one is from Flying Tiger, one of my favourite shops.

DAY 8 • CANDLE • I’ve just replaced my white dinner table candles for festive red ones and got my tree up this afternoon. I’m feeling much more Christmassy now.

DAY 9 • BATHROOM DETAILS • This is my newly decorated WC ‘in detail.’ I love how the yellow mirror pops against my new monochrome wallpaper.DAY 10 • CUSHION CRUSH • When my tree and Christmas decorations go up, I always like to change my cushion covers to something more festive. I have a massive ‘cushion crush’ on last years cross-stitch one and this years embroidered heart beauty.

DAY 11 • BEGINS WITH ‘D’ • It surely has to be Christmas ‘decorations’ for this prompt. Here is my festive sideboard in our hallway. This is what it looks like while Arlo is sleeping. During the day he loves to play with everything here especially the ‘mama’ Mary, ‘dada’ Joseph and the ‘baba’ Jesus who is now lost!

DAY 12 • CHAIR • I’ve posted before but my favourite chair in our house is my ‘HUGO’ chair from M&S, it’s so comfortable and the geo fabric is stunning. I wish it was still available so that I could get the matching footstool.

DAY 13 • LET IT GLOW • Our tree is lighting up the livingroom and really glowing tonight. It’s a snowy December eve outside and we’re nice and cosy inside.
img_8528.jpgDAY 15 • COLOUR THEME • You might already have noticed, but I have a wee bit of a YELLOW ‘colour theme’ going on. Every room in our house has a little YELLOW something or other. To me YELLOW equals HAPPY and I always need some of that around.img_8544.jpgDAY 14 • CUPBOARD LOVE • Here is the inside of one of our kitchen cupboards. Colour on top and white on the bottom. I have a bit of a thing for collecting colourful mugs, Orla Kiely ones in particular.

DAY 16 • I’M DREAMING OF… • …my house being finally finished. Here’s a wee peek at our newly decorated en suite with my beloved Cow Parsley wallpaper.

DAY 17 • OH CHRISTMAS TREE • … you looked so much better last year when I had enough space in my livingroom for you. Your usual spot at the window has been taken by Arlo’s toy storage. So sorry your now stuck in a corner behind the couch.

DAY 18 • WREATH • I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for my festive front door, I have the very talented Dawn at First Blush to thank for it. Can’t believe Christmas is so near yet I still have gifts to buy! Hope I’m not alone?img_8545.jpgDAY 19 • SOFA STYLING • I’m delighted with my new heart cushions from Tesco, they look so festive with my cross-stitch ones from last year and were a total bargain at a tenner each.

DAY 20 • FAVE DECORATION • My all time favourite thing to bring out at Christmas time is my advent ‘house’. It was a bargain from good old BHS before it closed down. I used to put chocolates in the drawers but am looking for some suggestions for toddlers. What can I put in the drawers for Arlo to open each day?

DAY 21 • FESTIVE FOOD • You don’t get more festive than mince pies. I’ve got some Mum friends coming over for coffee so thought I’d give them a festive snack or two.

DAY 23 • MAGIC + SPARKLE • Not my house today but I always love walking through Royal Exchange Square at Christmas time. It’s a place full of magic and sparkle.img_8535.jpgDAY 22 • MY ONE WEAKNESS • … are breton stripes. Red stripes, blue stripes, green stripes, stripes with spots, stripes with flowers, stripes with more stripes. BODEN or JOULES are my favourites for my beloved Bretons.img_8546.jpgDAY 24 • UNDER THE TREE • Here are a few last minute gifts to go under the tree this evening. I was so unorganised this year and have had lots of presents to wrap tonight. I hope you were more organised than me and are having a relaxing Christmas Eve.

DAY 25 • THE BIG DAY • Wishing you a very merry Christmas. I’ve got on my festive red top from COS, old faithful skinnies + my red LOTTAS today. We’ve had a leisurely morning of pressie opening then went to visit my mother in law. We’re back home for Arlo’s nap and I’m watching Santa Claus The Movie. We’re going to my sisters later for Christmas dinner, I can’t wait for my brother in laws amazing roast potatoes. Have a wonderful day. Much love and festive cheer to one and all.

DAY 26 • FAVE PRESENT • It has to be my new Chelsea boots from Mum. I already have a pair in tan leather with leopard pony hair and never have them off my feet. I just love this black and silver pair that will look even better with age.

DAY 27 • TABLE STYLING • I didn’t have a Christmas Day table this year since we were out for dinner but here is a peek at my Boxing Day table with my favourite felt placemats and usual folded napkins.img_8579.jpgDAY 28 • COSY TIMES • My favourite time of the day is when Arlo is up for his nap and I can have some cosy times on my own with my feet up and a cuppa.

DAY 29 • WHERE WE SLEEP.• This is our master bedroom at the top of the house where we having been sleeping peacefully throughout the night for a good few months now! I’ve changed the magnolia for a lovely calming Teal colour which I love. I’m still on the hunt for some cool lamps for our yellow bedside tables.

DAY 30 • LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE • I can’t wait to light up my new ‘candlestick light’ that I treated myself to in Edinburgh on Thursday. I’ve been desperate to have a nosy in SPEKTAKULAR, a beautiful wee shop selling all things Scandinavian. This beauty was an absolute bargain in the sale – reduced from £26 to £16!

DAY 31 • CELEBRATE • H A P P Y  H O G M A N A Y ! Wishing everyone health, wealth & happiness for 2018!

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