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You know by now how much I love Instagram. I can’t help uploading a photo of a lovely coffee, my latest purchase or my favourite shoes. Instagram is a great way to get in touch with other mums and folk who have a similar style and taste. It’s also fantastic to get a peek into other people’s homes. Instagram is my first stop for some interior inspiration. I love taking photos of my house and I’m not alone. So much so for the past few weeks I have taken part in the #myhouseinaugust challenge. Hosted by @onawingandachair, @littlehouseinlondon and @blanketsbeautiful, #myhouseinaugust has brought together a stylish community of ‘actual’ instagram homes. I have loved playing along and scrolling through each day for some ideas for my own home.

Here is My House In August:DAY 1 CUSHIONI have so many to choose from but these knitted ones from Donna Wilson are still my favourites.

DAY 2 • TILES • We don’t really have any nice tiles in our house but I spotted these beauts in my cousin’s North Berwick holiday home this afternoon. Aren’t they gorgeous?

DAY 3 • RUG • This is my favourite rug that we have in our hallway. It’s from Pappelina and is made from woven plastic which is amazing for feet trampling over the top – it just wipes clean. It also comes in lots of eye catching patterns which makes it so hard to choose just one.

DAY 4 • DINING • This is our dining nook of our large kitchen diner. I love being able to eat in the kitchen. Still magnolia like the rest of the house, I’m still trying to decide on teal paint or Orla Kiely wallpaper.

DAY 5 • OUTSIDE • It has been raining most of the day here today, so I’m not venturing out to the garden. Instead here’s my view from the kitchen window.

DAY 6 • COLOUR POP • Our house is filled with lots of colour pops here and there. I really want to be more adventurous when it comes to colour and banish our magnolia walls. I’m really not sure what to go for here in our livingroom. I’m veering towards darker walls all over. Teal maybe? What colour should I go for?

DAY 7 • TABLE • Pre-Arlo we had a glass coffee table in our livingroom. Post-Arlo we have opted for the more toddler friendly KILO nest of tables from Habitat. I love these colourful little tables, they were a perfect size for Arlo to manoeuvre himself around when he started to walk and are now a great size for him to sit at with his paper and crayons.

DAY 8 • LIVINGROOM • I’m finally sitting on that very couch with my feet up on that very footstool relaxing after a LONG day. By day our livingroom is a playroom for Arlo, by night I have to have everything back in it’s place before I can sit and relax. I’m not the only one right? Can you chill out for the evening surrounded by toys?

DAY 9 • FLOWERS • It has to be some beautiful sunflowers to brighten up each day.

DAY 10 • MY HAPPY PLACE • Sitting on my favourite chair on our upper landing outside our bedroom is my happy place. The perfect spot to put my feet up with a good book.

DAY 11 • SHELFIE • Trying to empty all my books from my bookcase at the moment to make some space in Arlo’s big boy room. Thinking of just getting another one of these to house all of Arlo’s toys.

DAY 12 • FAVOURITE  • Our yellow cabinet is still one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the house. It attracts lots of compliments from visitors who are so surprised to find it’s an Ikea purchase.

DAY 13 • PHOTOGRAPH • I really should have more photographs around the house. This is Arlo’s photowall currently of his first 12 months. I’ll need to add another few soon. I love the Ikea Ribba frames – they’re great for both hanging or standing.

DAY 14 • METALLIC • I don’t really own many metallic things expect my Alessi favourites.

DAY 15 • GREEN • Again today, I don’t really have many green things in my house, except my Orla Kiely coffee jars I use in the bathroom. When she did a collaboration with Douwe Egberts I went a bit daft and bought far too many jars of coffee!! I don’t think I’m alone am I?

DAY 16 • BEDROOM • Our bedroom with my favourite yellow side tables. Yet to decorate in here, but I’m planning on painting the wall behind the bed navy + want Ikea’s yellow Stockholm rug to brighten it up a bit.

DAY 17 • PAINT • Our entire house is still magnolia from when we moved in. I’m planning to change things very soon so I’ve ordered some wallpaper and paint! Things are going to look a wee bit different around here very soon.

DAY 18 • COSY • Its daddio’s turn for bedtime tonight so I’ve finally got my feet up and am ‘cosying’ in for the night. I’ve a pile of magazines to work myself through and might catch up watching The Leftovers. Hope your having a more exciting Friday night.

DAY 19 • CAKE • I shouldn’t really but I treated myself to a wee M&S strawberry tart today. Just about to demolish it now!

DAY 20 • RELAX • Relaxing with a wee cup of tea before bed. Hoping we all get a good sleep tonight. You too.

DAY 21 • LIGHT IT UP • One of the things I love about our house is the amount of natural light that floods through each room. The brightest room is our kitchen diner which opens out onto our garden. Even when it’s a rainy day, this room is never dull.

DAY 22 • CHAIR • My favourite chair has to be my M&S Hugo Chair. I love the amazing fabric so much I wish I had got a pair. Marks and Sparks have such fabulous textiles for upholstery.

DAY 23 • STRIPES • My wardrobe is full of stripes but I haven’t actually got anything stripey in my home! Do the shadows from the blinds count as stripes?

DAY 24 • VASE • I have too many vases but my favourite has to be my multicoloured one from Habitat. Habitat have some really lovely ones. I’d collect them all if I could!

DAY 25 • ART • I don’t have any originals unfortunately just quite a few framed prints. ‘The Kiss’ is my favourite from Inaluxe. King and McGaw have such fantastic prints it’s so hard to choose.

DAY 26 • CANDLE • My favourite white candlesticks, a mix of budget + expensive here – Lidl + Littala.

DAY 27 • LEAVES • I’ve recently ordered the lovely MONSTERA collage print from Seventy Tree, just waiting on delivery. I love the colour combination of the olive + purple

DAY 28 • NEW • Newly framed TROPICAL print from Seventy Tree. I’m not hanging it just yet – I need a few more prints before I can curate my gallery wall for the livingroom. I thought this would look good with my Inaluxe prints too? What do you think? Have you saw any other cool artwork that would look cool in my livingroom?

DAY 29 • KITCHEN • This is our kitchen, dining, living space. I love the space we have in this room but I’m not a fan of the actual kitchen. The kitchen was already here when we moved, I would love to replace it one day. The layout doesn’t really work for us. I would like to rip it out & have one storage wall and an island but I’m not sure if it’s big enough… what do you reckon? Would I get an island in here?

DAY 30 • WHITE • I have a small collection of white ceramics on my sideboard in the hallway. I’d love to paint the magnolia wall teal or navy as a contrast. My favourite is the bird – I’d love a sideboard full of Jonathan Adler animal figures.

DAY 31 • BLANKET • This graphic blanket was an absolute bargain from Linea at House of Fraser. It was originally something like 70 quid and I got it for £15! It’s a perfect match for this old Ikea couch. I love clashing the pattern with my Donna Wilson cushions.

Fancy joining in and playing #myhouseinseptember? Wondering how to play? All you have to do is follow each of the hosts on Instagram who will post a list of daily prompts for you to interpret how you wish. Can’t wait to see your home too!

P.S. Living Room Mood Board and Dream House | Living Room

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