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It’s so hard to think that Arlo arrived just 12 weeks ago and so hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago he was curled up inside my tummy! It feels very unreal. It all seems so fast and yet I can hardly imagine life without him now. He is just the most precious thing in the world and has made me feel the greatest love I have ever felt. We are so blessed. I often look at him and can hardly believe that Allan and I really created such a perfect wee man.  I can’t wait to watch him grow…

IMG_0731.JPGArlo at 4 weeksIMG_0736.JPGArlo at 8 weeksIMG_0741.JPGArlo at 12 weeks


Arlo was born with lots of dark hair that felt so soft, like velvet. He also had adorable wee tufts of hair on his ears which have disappeared now. He has big grey eyes just like his daddy and lively little eyebrows just like his mummy!

He is developing more and more each day, and gaining weight each week. He is pretty strong, lifting his head up and round following voices and people. He is making lots of funny faces and smiling away, melting my heart each time!

He is feeding pretty well now, but is still in quite a bit of pain with reflux. We have a happy wee boy all day long until about 8pm when the unconsolable crying begins. He arches his back about halfway through his feed and draws his wee legs up to his chest, signalling that he is in terrible pain. I feel pretty helpless knowing I can do nothing to soothe him. The only thing we have found that stops his cries is to take him out in the car which always sends him to sleep. Our nightly routine involves Allan getting home from work, bathtime, then a feed, followed by driving around for an hour to let Arlo sleep. It is pretty exhausting. The GP has prescribed Gaviscon for his reflux, but that has come with side effects, terrible constipation being one. I wonder what he would rather painful reflux in the evening or painful constipation in the daytime! I will need to try something else. I am loathed to give my baby any kind of medication at all but feel he really needs something for the pain.

Arlo is a great wee sleeper. He sleeps in his moses basket during the day or sometimes his Sleepyhead, which he seems to prefer to the basket. At night we have the Chicco Next To Me Crib which has been great. Being in the hospital for the first two weeks, I was used to having Arlo so close to me. He was in, what only can be described as a clear storage box, and my bed height could be adjusted so that we were on the same level. I could sleep easy knowing that when I opened my eyes I could see my boy. At home I found the moses basket pretty awkward having to sit up in bed to see him. The Chicco can be adjusted to the same height as the bed and the side comes down letting me see & touch Arlo with ease. At the beginning he would wake up every four hours for a feed but now he is in more of a routine. He wakens at about 1am & 5am for a couple of ounces of milk but we’re back in bed within half an hour which is not too bad at all. He just loves snuggling into my chest and falling asleep which makes me so happy. It’s such a special time with my wee man.


I am so relieved to be back home with my boy after those first two weeks in hospital. 12 weeks on and I’m feeling more like myself now.

My c-section scar is healing up pretty nicely and I am feeling less tender each day. For about a week after the operation I could not look at the wound at all – it is pretty low down and my saggy baby-free tummy obscures my view somewhat which is fine by me! I wasn’t even aware that it had a dressing until a nurse told me I’d need to remove it! Ouch. It took a good half an hour of soaking in the shower before I could fully remove.

Being unable to breastfeed I was advised to strap down my boobs. I had to wear a bra at all times for a good few weeks. I even slept in my bra. My boobs were pretty tender for a while but are totally back to normal now. I went for a post baby bra fitting and decided to treat myself some new ones.

As I say, I have been feeling well within myself, apart from one day per month. I’ve been experiencing severe abdominal pain with sickness for 24 hours every month, since having Arlo. The pain comes out of the blue and goes away again the next day but is pretty disabling at the time. The area surrounding my c-section feels totally fine with the pain coming from higher up near my liver and pancreas. During my pregnancy, Arlo’s position was breech with his head up where I am getting the pain. It is a mystery as I was in no pain throughout my pregnancy. I’ve been really lucky to have had someone with me when it happens and I’ve not on my own with Arlo. The pain is so intense that I cannot sit up, stand or do anything really. This has been happening too often so I will need to get myself checked out by a doctor. What this space!

Arlo + me at 12 weeks


Looking back, the first 3 months definitely have had some good times, rough times and amazingly exciting times! I am the same person as I was before Arlo but now so very different. Life is not the same as it was, and never will be again. Life right now feels so right as though this is what I am meant to do. I really am loving being a mama! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come and watching my baby develop into a right wee boy. He is such a wee sweetie.

Are you a parent? How did you feel after giving birth? Do you have any experience of reflux? 

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