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I hope your having a bonny week and the weather is good where you are. It has been a typical, dreich July week here in Morningside. Wind…rain…groan! Welcome to summertime in Scotland! I’ve not been feeling very well the past week (sorry for my lack of posts) so I’ve been staying cosy and enjoying my favourite scented candles. Lighting a luxurious candle and breathing in the sweet aroma is for me, the ultimate in relaxation.

This month in Made In Scotland, I want to introduce you to my favourite luxury candle brand, Isle Of Skye Candle Company.

Made In Scotland | Isle Of Skye Candle Company | From City To Suburbs


‘We use Natural Soya wax which is not only good for the environment but, unlike paraffin wax, good for you too! The combination of wax and oils that we use give us the longest burn times and cleanest burns around. As every candle is handmade from start to finish, you can be sure of the best quality product.’

Made In Scotland | Isle Of Skye Candle Company | From City To Suburbs

The Isle of Skye Candle Company is a family run business specialising in making natural wax candles. All products are handmade in their Broadford workshop using environmentally friendly ingredients.

This young Scottish brand is committed to providing the best quality natural candles at the most competitive prices. Each luxury candle comes in five different sizes ranging from little votives, the perfect way to find your favourite scent, to larger 3 wick candles. There are 17 scents to choose from with prices ranging from as little as £5 to a reasonable £25.

The company have developed their own special wicks to optimise the burn of their candles. No wax will be left in the glass when burned all the way to the bottom – amazing! They also have a recycling programme for empty jars. If you bring your empty glass jars into one of the Skye Candles shops, you will get 10% off your next Skye Candles purchase! I’m already collecting mine!


Made In Scotland | Isle Of Skye Candle Company | From City To Suburbs

Made In Scotland | Isle Of Skye Candle Company | From City To SuburbsFounder, 19 year old James Robertson, moved from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye to work for a local soap company. Discovering a passion for natural essential oils and spotting a gap in the market for soy wax, scented candles, Robertson set up his first candle workshop in 2006. Five years later, high demand for the product resulted in a brand new shop and workshop opening in Broadford (Skye). A year later, The Isle of Skye Candle Company won ‘Best New Scottish Company’ at the Scottish Variety Awards. 9 years on, the company now have four shops in Scotland, Skye, Edinburgh, Inverness, St. Andrews and stockists throughout the U.K.

I HAVE MY EYE ON…Made In Scotland | Isle Of Skye Candle Company | From City To SuburbsMy favourite scent is their Pomegranate and Plum fragrance. This candle smells like heaven, fantastically fruity while having a slight bitterness to balance it out. The perfect combination, it is a beautiful mix of these two delicious fruits. I have my eye of the luxurious 3 wick candle, great value for money at only £25! I would have one in every room if I could!

  • All images from the Isle of Skye Candle Company’s Facebook page.

Have you heard of this company? Are you also a fan? Do you like to support your own local, independent businesses? 

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4 thoughts on “Made In Scotland | Isle Of Skye Candle Company

  1. I absolutely love independent brands! I’ve come across the Isle of Skye Candle Company before but would definitely like to see more shops stocking their products! I never realised the founder was so young!

  2. Hi, I`m Vidar ,and I make business with IOSCC in Norway. I guess James will be flattered(?) to hear he`s only 19 🙂 I believe he was 19 when he started back in 06. Great story you have made above here,and I started slowly here in april,and at the moment I do this parttime. I have at the moment 2 shops I have my IOScandles in and more to come
    Keep up the good work !
    Best of sunbeams from Vidar B. “The Viking”

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