Living Room Mood Board

I have a very clear vision of how I would like our home to look. I am at the stage in my life where I know my own style. I would like our home to feel bright and cheerful – full of vibrant colour, amazing artwork and treasured objects. I would like our home to evoke a fun and modern style with pops of mid-century colour.

I have shared some images of my Dream House, but I now want to create a series of Mood Boards to really visualise what our own house will look like once finished. I thought I would start again with the Living Room. I have yet to decide on the paint colour for the walls. I am a big fan of mustard yellows with shades of blues and greys. Instead of one feature wall, I would like to make more of a statement with one block of colour for the whole room. That one colour is proving very difficult to choose. Thinking of design, we need a layout that incorporates, two 2 seater sofas, TV, music system, storage, lighting solutions, flooring and of course a coffee table.

Living Room Mood Board | From City To SuburbsThis is an image of what I would like our Living Room to look like. From the image above, we already have the two leather couches, two floor lamps, coffee table, clock and candelabra. We have already invested in key pieces of furniture that we really love but there are some more items I feel would bring the room together. Here are a few things still on my wishlist:

Living Room Mood Board | From City To Suburbs

  1. Yellow Wire Basket – Ferm Living
  2. Teal Hex Cushion – John Lewis
  3. Orchid Sculptural Pendant Shade – Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous
  4. BLYTH Yellow Storage Table – Habitat
  5. Brooklyn Magazine Rack – John Lewis
  6. ALSEDA Stool – Ikea
  7. TASH Rug – Habitat
  8. Geometry Vase 4 – Blue Sun Tree
  9. Geometry Vase 2 – Blue Sun Tree
  10. Geometry Vase 3 – Blue Sun Tree
  11. Scion Pucci Cushion – John Lewis

I will keep you posted on the progress of our living room and may take A Peek Inside our home in future posts if you fancy?

P.S. Dream House | Living Room and Coveting | Gemma Smith





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