We Like To Read | The Tiger Who Came To Tea

This month We Like To Read The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr.

Since Arlo was tiny, he has always loved to sit on my lap with a story book. He always preferred books with things for him to do, so we would usually read lift-the-flap books. Over the past few months however I have noticed a change in him. He’s not a little baby anymore but a toddler who still likes to sit on my lap with his book but now he follows the images, listening and understanding the story.

His favourite book right now is an old classic, The Tiger Who Came To Tea. It’s the story of Sophie and her mummy who are sitting down to tea when a big, furry, stripey tiger comes to the door! The illustrations are lovely and detailed. Arlo loves to point to the characters and show me the ‘girl’, her ‘mummy’ and the ‘raar’ tiger. He also enjoys spotting all the other little details in the images that I hardly noticed!

This striking orange hardback edition was from Marks & Spencer but unfortunately isn’t available anymore. With it’s bold colour it makes the book easy to recognise for toddlers and it also looks pretty eye-catching sitting on the bookshelf in the playroom.

What is your favourite book for toddlers? Do you have a favourite story from your childhood?

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