Arlo + Me | May ’17

It has been a whole 9 months since my last blog post. Arlo is now 15 months old. I no longer have a tiny baby who eats then sleeps, fills his nappy then sleeps some more. I now have a beautiful little boy who has a personality all of his own. My life has changed radically and MY time is not just MINE anymore. It is OURS. Arlo and Me.  I had wanted to document my life with Arlo in some way then I saw this photo series capturing Elise and Ellerie’s mother and daughter moments. I thought it might be a fun way to document Arlo’s second year by capturing visually what me and Arlo are doing each month.

This is what Arlo + Me are doing in the month of May:Arlo + Me | May '17 - From City To Suburbs

READING Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table | Oh Dear!

Arlo + Me | May '17 - From City To Suburbs

WEARING my battered old Superga | his very first pair of shoes – size 2.5

Arlo + Me | May '17 - From City To Suburbs

LISTENING Regina Spektor | Usher’s ABC Song

Arlo + Me | May '17 - From City To Suburbs

DRINKING lots of coffee | from his big boy cup

Arlo + Me | May '17 - From City To Suburbs

SNACKING on almonds | cheerios

Arlo + Me | May '17 - From City To Suburbs

PLAYING with instagram | my beloved Swedish dala horses.

Are you a mama or a dad too? Why don’t you steal the idea and compare you and your wee ones favourite things. Or it might be fun to compare your favourite things with your other half? Let me know if you do!

P.S. Mama Wardrobe | Breton Stripes and Things I Like For Arlo


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