Arlo + Me | June ’17

Better late than never, here’s what Arlo + Me have been doing for the month of June.

READING Living etc | Where’s My Hen?

WEARING my favourite red shoes | new ice cream cone Doodles – size 4!

USING my new Birchbox especially the NUXE moisturiser  | his new iPhone from Granny G

DRINKING San Pellegrino Orange with Pomegranate | from his new cup

SNACKING on Digestive Thins | Cream Crackers

LOVING my new printed tee | magnetic animals

Hope you had a fantastic June. I’m hoping to squeeze in a few more blog posts before July’s Arlo + Me. Time just flys by and before I know it we’re into a brand new month. I really want to focus on making some time for me and the blog this month. Wish me luck!

Are you good at managing your time? Give me some tips please! 

P.S. Mama Wardrobe | Breton Stripes and Things I Like For Arlo

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