Arlo + Me | December ‘17

Here are a few things Arlo + Me have been doing in December…

READING Save with Jamie for some mealtime and money saving inspiration | Lift the flap OPPOSITESimg_7317.jpgWEARING my new pompom slippers | his new dinosaur slippersimg_7449-3.jpgPLAYING with my Christmas tree decorations, I just love decorating the tree and the house | with mummy’s Christmas tree decorations and especially loving this wee Santa Clausimg_7618-1.jpgSNACKING on too many ginger thin biscuits | a gingerbread man or two!img_7325.jpgNEEDING to look out my wooly hat | to wear his wooly hatimg_7671.jpgDRINKING from my new lobster mug | from his wee ‘tea cup’

Arlo is 22 months at the moment and is really too young to understand Christmas and know about Santa. I’m sure things will be very different next year. He’s just loving playing with all the new ‘toys’ aka the Christmas decorations. Poor Mary (the Mimmy) and Joseph (the Dada) Arlo has lost the Baba (baby Jesus) already!

Have you introduced your toddler to Santa Claus? Do you have any festive traditions that you like to repeat each year?

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