Arlo + Me | February ‘18

Here are a few of the things Arlo + Me have been doing this month…

READING Your Home, Style at Home and Home Style magazines | I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

WEARING my new LOVE slogan breton | his HELLO slogan tee

HAVING a raisin and cinnamon bagel for breakfast | a platter of grapes, multigrain boulders, raisins and some toast for breakfast

PLAYING with and arranging my daffodils | these little men that we picked up on a trip to Ikea

USING CARMEX an old classic that I return to again and agin to sort out my chapped lips | good old vaseline on his face when we go out on winter days.

LOVING my new wooden date block | his new Lego storage heads that house all his Happyland figures and can also be worn as a hat!

It was Arlo’s birthday this month. He had an amazing day and got lots of lovely gifts from friends and family. A few days after discovering all his new toys all was forgotten and he was back playing with all his old favourites again! That’s pretty common with toddlers right?

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