38 Weeks Pregnant | Second Half Favourites

I’m still enjoying using most of the things from my First Half Favourites but now that I’ve reached the end of my pregnancy, I thought I’d share with you some of the other things that I’ve loved over the last few months. Sometimes, having those things that make life a wee bit easier and make you feel a wee bit better, makes all the difference.

38 Weeks Pregnant | Second Half Favourites | From City To Suburbs

1. Benefit Posietint The one beauty product that makes me look ALIVE each morning! Perfect for faking that lovely pregnancy glow| 2. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Such a delightful little sphere of minty Shea Butter lip balm – so handy to have in every handbag | 3. The Bump I just LOVE referring to this app to check on baby’s development | 4. Molton Brown Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak My all-time favourite bath time companion – perfect for soaking a tired, weary body | 5. Seraphine Woven Printed Dress I’ve still been wearing my favourite maternity jeans and tops for daytime but LOVE wearing this dress for special occasions. I bought it when I was 28 weeks pregnant, before Christmas for a night out. It is still as flattering on now, at the end of pregnancy and I think I will still wear afterwards | 6. Rennies I’ve been eating these each and every day for the past few months to ease the dreaded heartburn| 7. Clarks ‘Coll Island’ Slip-on Trainers Perfect for sliding on without having to worry about laces to tie | 8. L’Occitaine Cherry Blossom Hand Cream My hands have become pretty dry lately so I love to slather on my favourite hand cream. The cherry blossom fragrance smells amazing | 9. Paperchase Noto Diary My gorgeous wee pink leather book is now pretty full of all my important dates, hospital visits and midwife appointments. It comes everywhere with me and is the perfect size to pop in my handbag | 10. Boden Velvet Slippers Comfort has been key for me the past few months. If out anywhere, the one thing I’m desperate to do when I get home is slide into my fluffy slippers.

This will be my last pregnancy update. The next time I post, Baby McAleavy will be here. Yey! I cannot wait! I’m looking forward to sharing our good news with you in future posts.

If you’ve had a baby, did you have any favourite things that helped you through? If you’ve not experienced the joys of pregnancy, what are your favourites right now? What is your favourite bath time treat?

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